Are you an avid bass fisherman? Or even a weekend angler?
Then you should sign up for the Rotary Bass Tournament!

About the Bass Tournament

The annual Jacksonville Rotary Club Bass Tournament was begun in 2000 as a fundraiser for the club’s community activities. The 40 team buddy tournament is held the week before the lake opens on Lake Jacksonville with the assistance of the staff of the Jacksonville Parks and Lakes office. Applications are mailed and available in mid-February with an opportunity for anglers to compete for the “big Bass” as well as to weigh a maximum five fish to win the prize money. Prizes are awarded to the top eight teams. In addition to the prize money, Falcon fishing rods have been won by two lucky teams.

The tournament begins at 6:00 a.m. when fishermen gather to hear the rules and regulations for the tournament. At that time, a drawing is held for take-off position. Each boat is required to have two people in the boat with the restriction of no alcohol. After a day of fishing, the weigh-in begins as fishermen return, no later than 2:30 p.m., and prizes are awarded to the boat with the highest weight of fish, weighing five fish or less. The largest bass caught also wins the Big Bass pot. The largest bass ever caught and weighed is 8.38 pounds. The exciting day has a large viewing audience at the weigh-in. Many Rotarians assist with the tournament, helping with the early morning meeting and take-off and the weighing of the fish, returning the fish to the lake.

The Rotary tournament has funded or assisted many community events. One year, a fishing dock for children and handicapped individuals was constructed. Another year, Rotary helped with a fish replacement program. Over the 18 years, approximately $150,000 has been raised. The first year the tournament was held in 2000 and only 16 boats entered; however, as the tournament increased in popularity and reputation, the maximum 40 boats participated.

The annual Rotary Club Bass Tournament has been a successful event, raising money for projects and involving many Rotarians. The Jacksonville Journal-Courier has printed a tab each year, allowing Rotary to sell sponsorships for the tournament as a way Io increase funds. In addition anglers pay an application fee. Please join us!

The 2018 event was held on Sunday, April 15.
Thank you to all the 2018 participants.


40 Boat Limit   |   Buddy Tournament
Entry Fee: $150.00 per team. 40 Boat Limit.
Big Bass Pot (Optional): $10 per Boat (100% Payback on Big Bass)

Registration and Pre-Tournament Meeting will be held at Lake Jacksonville at 6:00 AM
(Central Daylight Savings Time)

Drawing for Order of Take-off will be held at the Tournament Meeting.
(Late Registration, after March 31st, not included in drawing)


Permits will be available at the Lake Jacksonville Concession Office on April 15th, 2018

Jacksonville Convention & Visitors Bureau
800-593-5678 or go to:

Allen Stare • • Phone: 217-652-6106 (9 AM-6 PM only)