The Jacksonville Rotary Club has completed many service projects over the years. We look the Areas of Focus to select projects.
Some of the most notable:

  • Running/maintaining the very visible Ferris Wheel located on Main and Morton as you enter Jacksonville, in Community Park.  Through coordination of sponsorships this is actually free to the Public every Sunday from May to Oct 4-6pm. Come out and enjoy a ride on Big Elli #17.
  • Rotary also runs concessions stands assuring organizations like JHS Foundation, JHS Crimson Pride and the Diaper Bags to Backpack organization can benefit.
  • Rotary Rings the bells and provides food weekly to the Salvation Army.
  • Parking cars for the Morgan County Fair as well as the South Jacksonville Concert in the Corn.
  • Rotary Sponsors the 4th of July Parade, organizing participation and assuring a great time during this summer event. Rotary also joins in the Illinois College, MacMurray College and St. Patrick Day annual Parades.

The Rotary District Grant allows an annual local service project and the Jacksonville Rotary Club has had a variety of community service projects and Partners as follows;

  • A IPad station that floated between classrooms. A shared project with South School.
  • Feeding the Hungry of Haiti, by packaging dry meals that can be boiled into nutrient rich meals in a very needy location, partnering with the Feeding the Children, world wide organization.
  • Playground Area Renovation in partnership with 1st Presbyterian Day Care.
  • Rotary Care packages for active military in time for the American holidays in partnership with the Franklin Waverly Military Support Group.

All of these projects have a funding element but Jacksonville Rotary also provides volunteer labor to enhance relationships within Rotary club members as well the larger communities we are serving.

Lastly, South School, a Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Business education partner with the Jacksonville Rotary Club, has benefited from a District Liteary Grant. Each Second grader receives 4 books, and a Rotarian reads each book to the class throughout the year. To support this project, the Jacksonville Rotary Club works in conjunction with the Rotary District to sell Cub vs Cardinal baseball tickets. The proceeds are restricted to the Literacy Fund at the Rotary district level. Fun is had at the ballgame and in the classroom!